Sunday, November 11, 2012


Stable stitchery done on an old board with rusty wire and fresh holly. $39.95 plus S&H
This large Santa is beyond beautiful. He is holding grapevine, moss, sweet annie and an old crow. Real wool beard. $79.95 plus S&H
Cute bottle snowman with his red scarf and satchel filled with Sweet Annie. $29.95 plus S&H
Another bottle snowman dressed in an old brown wool plaid coat. $29.95 plus S&H
PRIM small Santa. $24.95 plus S&H
Hanging tobacco sticks with a snowman on each end and a good bunch of sweet annie tied on with homespun. $39.95 plus S&H
Hanging tobacco sticks with a Santa on each end and a good bunch of sweet annie tied on with homespun. $39.95 plus S&H
Wool snowman with hood. $34.95 plus S&H
Mr. and Mrs. Snowpeople. Boy has green ticking pants and a green jacket with a red scarf. Girl has a green ticking dress and a red poinsetta. $34.95 ea. plus S&H
Fabric candle in an old rusty spring with a red poinsetta. $24.95 plus S&H Just call the shop 248/634-7040 or send me an e-mail to hollyhillsprimitives@yahoo.com Thanks for looking!

Friday, October 19, 2012


Hi friends, glad you came to visit! Come see what we're adding to the shop.
I'm so excited to present this cobblestone tilt-top table in the "bench" position
And the table position. $495.00 - local pick-up only
I am crazy about these make-do chairs! One is definitely coming home with me. This one is cobblestone with feedsack back. $195.00 - local pick-up only
This cobblestone shelf is so unique! Has pegs, a small cupboard with leather hinges and two shelves. $195.00 - local pick-up only
and with the cobblestone crock bench, it makes quite a statement! $225.00 - local pick-up only
AND - the kitchen keep matches both pieces. It has holes on the top for your wooden spoons and storage inside. $49.95 plus S&H
This make-do settle is pretty neat. Did any of you see Earlene's? This is on special for the weekend for $395.00 - but local pick-up only.
Another make-do chair in bittersweet with a Farm Bureau feedsack back. Also $195.00 - local pick-up only.
Is this a cutie or what? A vintage child's wheelboro. Couldn't you see pumpkins and gourds or holiday greens inside? $39.95 plus S&H
Small black bowl rack/shelf with pegs. $69.95 - local pick-up only
My favorite make-do chair is this grubby red with a feedsack with black print. $195.00 - local pick-up only
Our last offering this evening is this tabletop, dark red bowl rack. It's a sweetie! $39.95 - local pick-up only We've reduced the price of this furniture to make room for the "holiday redo". If you're in the area, stop in and take a peek this weekend. We'd love to see you. Until next time...

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hi Prim Pals! It's been awhile since I've listed anything on our selling blog. Be watching for the next few days, we'll be adding lots of new goodies!
Check out these deals! All of our fall and Halloween is 40% off in the shop. We are making room to change over to Christmas, so I wanted to pass the savings on to you! Black pumpkinhead on antique oil can, 20" tall, wrapped in cheesecloth with cloth label. $39.95 - 40% = $23.97 plus S&H
Feedsack pumpkin with crow mounted on antique kitchen measure, 10 1/2" tall. $24.95 - 40% = $14.97 plus S&H
Grubby pumpkinhead peeking out of old metal bread drawer with crow, corn cob and "harvest blessing" label, 19 1/2" tall and 12" wide. $39.95 - 40% = $23.97 plus S&H
Pumpkin with crow, hay-stuffed pillow, 10" x 10". $24.95 - 40% = $14.97 plus S&H
Witch bottle doll, 14 1/2" tall. $29.95 - 40% = $17.97 plus S&H
Tall witch on tabacco stick, 29" tall. $39.95 - 40% = 23.97 plus S&H
Black pumpkin with label and real stick for stem, 12" to top of stem. $24.95 - 40% = $14.97 plus S&H
Black pumpkin head doll with sunflower hat, corn husk hands and stands 36" tall. $59.95 - 40% = $35.97 plus S&H
Close-up of doll head.
Close-up of doll feet.
Black witches boots with hat, owl and flag, 33" tall, made by Too Far Gone. $49.95 - 40% = $29.97 plus S&H
Burlap pumpkin pocket, 10" tall. $19.95 - 40% = $11.97 plus S&H
Small burlap hand-hooked pillow tucks. $24.95 - 40% = $14.97 each plus S&H
Scarecrow bottle dolls with burlap coats, 17" tall. $39.00 - 40% = $23.40 each plus S&H
Black scarecrow doll with crow and sunflower in his pocket, stick arms and legs, and 30" tall. $39.00 - 40% = $23.40 plus S&H
Our popular primitive canister set (4), new and ready to use. $49.95 plus S&H
Old Timey Pumpkin Butter stitchery receipe, 10 1/2" x 13". $34.95 plus S&H
Leather horse collar with stitchery, 19" wide and 24" tall. $59.95 plus S&H
Child's broom holder and vintage broom in several colors. $39.95 plus S&H
Black sock doll with burlap skirt, 16", made by The Funky Tennessee Artist. $44.00 plus S&H
Black spindle doll with satchel, 28" tall, made by The Funky Tennessee Artist. $49.95 plus S&H
Blue quilt stump doll, 10" tall, made by The Funky Tennessee Artist. $24.95 plus S&H
And, last but not least tonight, are my favorites! A large black bottle doll, mustard shawl, 16", feedsack satchel, made by The Funky Tennessee Artist. $49.00 plus S&H AND small bottle doll, homespun green dress. flax hair, bonnet, 10 1/2" tall, also made by The Funky Tennessee Artist. $29.95 plus S&H That's our listings for this evening. If you see anything you're interested in, just give me a shout at the shop (248/634-7040) between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Thanks a bunch for looking!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


We've had so many people asking about the make-do settle benches, that I wanted to let you know we have another one in the shop. I want to bring it home SO BAD!!!
This one is done with grubby natural material. It is 41" wide, 47" tall and built on two old chair bases. $495.00 local pick-up only
The chair bases match and are painted black.
Now, when you take the backs off the chairs, you have to do something with them! Mustard "chair back" shelf with two chunky pegs. $39.95 plus S&H
Also a "chair back" shelf done in black, also with two chunky pegs. $39.95 plus S&H
Our ever popular handcrafted mustard dry sink and blanket crane shelf is back by popular demand. The dry sink is 46" wide, 33" tall and 20" deep. Can be custom made for any color. $495.00 local pick up only The blanket crane shelf is 26" tall, 48" wide and 9" deep. The crane is 36" wide.We had one customer buy both pieces to use in her bathroom as a vanity and is hanging an old mirror on the blanket crane shelf. $229.00 local pick-up only
This adolorable "flower" box has a wire handle and would be great filled with anything! It is 24' wide, 12" deep, and 6" tall. $39.95 plus S&H
The towel holder is made from an old high chair tray. It has wool applique and a wire to hang towels from. It is 19" tall and 16 1/2" wide. $20.00 plus S&H
Who doesn't love old farm pieces to hang on a porch? This old seed thrower has old red paint, the crank is on the bottom and the top is old canvas. How cool to put a plant in! $39.95 plus S&H
The "Inn" stitchery is done in an old oval frame, painted black and is 14" tall and 12" wide. $29.95 plus S&H
Only two handmade flowers left from The Funky Tennessee Artist. One is in an old wrapped jar and the other is in an old wrapped sugar bowl. Both are done with vintage quilt pieces and old buttons. $14.95 each plus S&H
It's time to be thinking of gourds and pumpkins! This old galvanized tub is hand-painted by our Sharon with crows, sunflowers and checkerboards. $29.95 plus S&H
Adding a little bit more fall today. This cute scarecrow is a hanging doll. He is 23" tall, has stick arms and legs and a crow on his head. $29.95 plus S&H
This pumpkin/crow pillow is 10" x 12" and filled with hay. Only $24.95 plus S&H
The owls are flying in too. The owl head on a block of wood is 14" tall. $24.95 plus S&H The muslin owl is 9 1/2" tall. $14.95 plus S&H
Love this prim pumpkin head done on an old vintage Raleigh tobacco can (orange and black). He measures 11" tall. $29.95 plus S&H
And ALL of our Americana/patriotic pieces are now on sale and going fast! As always, just shoot me an e-mail or give me a call at the shop (Wed-Sun). Thanks for shopping. Until next time...