Thursday, April 26, 2012


HOORAY, HOORAY!!! THREE big boxes arrived at the shop today from the Funky Tennessee Artist and she absolutely outdid herself this time with the best prim dolls, makedos, and pillows! This black make-do has crazy flax hair, mounted on a big bobbin with a honeysuckle wreath. She is 17" tall. $49.95 plus S&H
Great black garden make-do is mounted on an old oil can. She has a sunflower attached to the front, a halo and "old" wood wings. She is 13 1/2" tall. $39.95 plus S&H
These real stump garden make-dos are SOOOO unique. This gal is a grubby angel with wool hair, a honeysuckle halo and old wood with Memphis printed on it. She is $44.95 plus S&H
The black stump make-do is fantastic. She has angel vine hair with a crow in it's nest on her head. She is 14" tall. $44.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
The bottle dolls seem to FLY out of the shop. This one is 17" tall. $49.95 plus S&H The shelf sitter is adorable. She is 10" tall, flax hair, and her bodice is stained cheesecloth. $39.95 plus S&H
This bottle doll is 15" tall, flax hair and a mustard skirt. $49.95 plus S&H
Unusual bottle doll with a homespun skirt, feedsack shawl and satchel and is 15" tall. $49.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
Another adorable shelf-sitter. She has an antique doily for a shawl and nutmegs for her hair. She is 10" tall. $39.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
We got 7 very primitive flower pillows from 11" - 19" tall. They run from 19.95 to $24.95 plus S&H (ALL SOLD)
For those of you waiting for our covered 1/2 gallon jar canisters, we have another set available. $49.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
Looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift? This old window has "Mother's Garden" stitched and red geraniums. I really wanted to keep this one! $59.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
And last, but not least, is another handcrafted cupboard blue shelf. This one has one shelf, a small crane and chunky pegs. FANTASTIC! $149.95 pick up only (SOLD) There you have tonight's listings. Just shoot me an e-mail or give me a call at the shop. Thanks for browsing!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Beautiful (my all-time favorite) chimney cupboard! Old cupboard with new finish in cobblestone over red, rusty screens in door. Several shelves. $395.00 - pick-up only (SOLD)

Great new handcrafted trestle table and benches. Also cobblestone over red. Table and benches are 5' long. $495.00 - pick-up only (SOLD)

Uncle Sam on an old bobbin. Very prim with flax beard. $29.95 plus S&H

Prim Uncle Sam doll with flax beard, painted muslin pans, 19" tall. $34.95 plus S&H

This big girl is a hoot. She is about 39" tall, has a feedsack bag of sweet annie and yarrow, and wears children's socks and shoes. Would be great on a front door! $59.95 plus S&H (SOLD)

Okay all of you garden gals. This child's rusty wheelboro is as cute as it gets. Would be a great centerpiece filled with goodies from each season. $59.95 plus S&H

"Garden/Dirt" stitchery is done in an old cigar box drawer. $19.95 plus S&H

"Hollyhocks" stitchery is also done in an old cigar box drawer. $19.95 plus S&H

"Dear Old House" stitchery is done on an OLD board with rusty wire and sweet annie. $39.95 plus S&H
Remember, you can either send me an e-mail or give me a call! Thanks for looking!
Until next time...

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dick has been at it again and just brought in two new pieces to the shop. This black over red bowl rack is 29" wide, 24" tall, and 6" deep. $89.95 - pick-up only

This shelf is just beautiful! It is cobblestone over brown, has 3 pegs and a small "blanket" crane under the shelf. It is 32" long, 15" tall and 8" deep. $149.95 - pick-up only (SOLD)

Ruby's boots came in today and she is a hoot! She has red painted boots, a black umbrella with rusty bells, a black check homespun dress and flax hair. She is 30" tall and can sit or hang. $59.95 plus S&H (SOLD)

It's also time to start thinking "Americana". It won't be long until Memorial Day and summer decorating. I love this black Uncle Sam! He is prim, prim, prim. He has painted striped muslin pants, a homespun jacket, a painted hat and a flax beard.

He is holding a hand stitched banner that says, "We want you."

Uncle Sam is 25" tall and can sit or hang. $49.95 plus S&H

This little patriotic black girl is dressed in her best red, taupe and blue with some patches on her dress. She is holding a handmade flag and a tag that reads "free". she is 26" tall and can also either sit or hang. $49.95 plus S&H (SOLD)

And for tonight's last item, we have a black Miss Liberty. She is dressed in a red flannel dress with a ticking star and has a stiffened felt crown. She is also holding a handmade flag and can sit or hang. She is 23" tall. $44.95 plus S&H
Just give me a call if you are interested in any of the new goods listed.
Until next time...

Thursday, April 5, 2012


Need a cupboard? We have 'em! This old primitive mustard cupboard is a personal favorite. It is 54" high, 37" wide, and 14" deep. It has great old "barn-type" hinges.

The inside has 4 shelves made from old rough-sawn lumber. $495.00-pick-up only

This handcrafted cobblestone cupboard is a beauty. It has one door, higher back with chunky pegs and two candle shelves. It would make an adorable bathroom vanity or could go anyplace in your prim home. Sorry - I don't have the measurements here. $595.90 - pick-up only

Looking for blue? This old beadboard cupboard is a sweetie! It is 33" wide, 13" deep, and 28" high.

The inside is very unusual with the two little side shelves. $395.00 - pick-up only

Another handcrafted piece is this tall "chimney-type" cupboard. Is has the greatest old screen door (holes and all) and is mustard. The height is 72", the width is 29" and the depth is 21". $295.00 - pick-up only

TA-DA! My personal favorite is this deep red gem. VERY PRIMITIVE! Double doors and many old square nails. It is 41" wide, 63" high, and 16" deep.

The inside has 4 shelves made from "rough-sawn" 14" planks. $695.00 - pick-up only

Our newest addition is this primitive, green, beadboard, one-door cupboard. Both front and back are beadboard. It is 41" tall, 26" wide and 12" deep.

Some of the shelf parts are made from old packing crates. $395.00 - pick-up only
Don't forget, Friday thru Wednesday all cupboards will be on sale in the shop. We will be closed for Easter Sunday and open this Monday and Tuesday for the sale.
Keep watching!