Friday, February 24, 2012


Welcome back! Hope you figured out how to get to the blog, I'll try to get it linked soon. Got lots to share with you tonight, hope you see something you just have to have!
First up is one of our best sellers! Our mustard blanket crane shelf makes a huge statement on a wall! It is 48" wide and 26" tall. It has a little corner shelf and peg on the right side. It can be ordered in other colors if mustard isn't for you. Love, love, love it! $279.00 - local pickup only.

Here's a closer look at the mustard shelf.

Another favorite is the black shelf with a smaller towel crane and big, chunky pegs. It is black over burgandy. This shelf is 40" wide and 18" tall. $159.00-local pickup only.

The latest addition to the shop is this beautiful hand-made cupboard. It could be used for so many thing, including a bathroom vanity with a bowl sink. It is cobblestone over brown and looks so old and prim. It is 30" high with the back measuring another 19", 29" wide and 23" deep. $595.00-local pickup only

Closer look at the pegs across the back.

Cobblestone over brown.

One of my personal favorite is this OLD double door cupboard with shelves. It is cobblestone over burgandy and just gorgeous! It measures 48" tall and 43" wide. Perfect for your widescreen t.v.! $495.00-local pickup only

Cobblestone over burgandy.

This burgandy bowl rack is awesome. It would be just right to set on top of an old cupboard. It measures 36" wide and 20" tall. $49.95-local pickup only

This is a real oldie! Who doesn't love old tavern tables. The legs are old, original green paint and the top is a scrub top. It measures 35" x 35" and is a beauty. $149.95 - local pickup only

Talk about old and prim! This child's youth bed is early 1800's and would look awesome with a doll collection setting inside. It measures 22" tall, 54" long and 28" wide. The legs fold up underneath and it comes with a make-do muslin pad. SPECIAL - $100.00-local pickup only

Another favorite is this old, prim "sink". It includes an old rusty bucket for the sink, soap holder and soap, shaving mug and brush, candle holder and battery candle, wire towel holder and towel. It has an old leather strap to hang it by. I'd love to see this on an old back porch filled with flowers. It is 24" wide and 23" tall to the top of the back. $95.00-local pickup only

The old canvas apple picking bucket is so unique. Another great addition to a porch or garden. It is 16" tall and 12" diameter. $39.95 plus shipping

The Funky Tennessee Artist has been at it again. This is my favorite of all the bottle bunnies. He is black with an old black coat and rusty pins. He stands 14" tall. $44.95 plus shipping

Another Funky Tennessee Artist creation is this dark, stenciled 1804 doll. She is 22" tall, cheesecloth trim, sweet annie and wool hair. Wonderful prim addition to any home. $44.95 plus shipping

Closeup of 1804 doll face.

"Okra For Sale" black doll. She stands or sits and is 30" tall. $49.95 plus shipping

Close up of face and teeth. Rag hair and dried okra around her neck.

"Okra For Sale" patch on her dress.

Big, funky feet.
So there you have tonight's offerings. If you see something you like, I'll be at the shop all day tomorrow (10-5) or you can send me an e-mail.
Have a great weekend!!!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn ~~
    The Local Pick-Up's are making my Heart beat fast !! Everything looks Wonderful !!
    Big Hugs ~ Connie xox

  2. Beautiful prim offerings loving the cupboards & shelves~