Saturday, June 16, 2012


Our first offering tonight is a 19" Uncle Sam. He has a flax beard, painted muslin pants and a stitched banner that says, "I want you!" $39.95 plus S&H This BIG Uncle Sam is 52" from the top of his hat to the bottom of his boots. He carries a bag with a crow and a flag. His bear is made of wool and he is sporting a ticking shirt. Made by Rachel. $59.95 plus S&H This cute Liberty doll is 22", wearing a red dress with a ticking star. She has a mustard crown and carries a flag. $39.95 plus S&H Liberty shelf-sitter is 12", she is holding a crow and a flag, has a cheesecloth sash and wire for hair. Made by Rachel. $29.95 plus S&H (SOLD) Love these coverlet bags filled with geraniums and a flag. The bag measures 14", but is 27" with geraniums. Has a wire handle. $24.95 plus S&H Don't watermelons just say "summer"? This one is a watermelon pocket, 14" wide, a crow and spanish moss inside and is 7" tall. Made by Rachel. $24.95 plus S&H (SOLD) For you bear collectors, you won't want to miss out on this little cutie. The bear is black, holding a sunflower and has bees wired all around him. Sitting he is 13 1/2" tall. Made by Rachel. $39.95 plus S&H (SOLD) Another unusual piece is this old bobbin with a BIG sunflower and a bird on top. It is 19 1/2" tall and prim as can be. $34.95 plus S&H Prim pillow filled with sawdust is a great accent. It measures 14 1/2" x 9 1/2". $29.95 plus S&H Last by not least are these assorted hooked pillow tucks. The measure approximately 9" x 6". Choose from: posies, pear make-do, beeskep (SOLD), sunflower, or house. $24.95 puls S&H Let me know if anything tickles your fancy. Until next time...

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