Thursday, June 14, 2012


Okay my friends, it's time for round two from the Funky Tennessee Artist. These spindle dolls are fabulous! The first one is 26" tall, and is wearing an old red dress over a natural petticoat and her shawl is made from vintage material. She is holding a big old sunflower. The second one is dressed in grubby naturals and has a black coverlet scarf, wool hair and has a feedsack bag. She stands 24" tall. $49.95 each plus S&H Two more bottle doll scarecrows. They are both 17" tall. One is dressed in naturals with denim and the other is dressed in black calico. $49.00 plus S&H These grubby gals are prim perfect. They both are sporting burlap skirts. The first one has a dried bunch of lavender at her waist, is 21" tall. The second is holding a sunflower. Both have wrapped legs and flax hair. $39.95 each plus S&H Cute little stump dolls are both 10" tall. One is dressed with old black quilt (SOLD) and the other in old blue quilt. $24.95 each plus S&H These board pockets are one of my favorites. They could be used right through fall! This one is 18" and the pocket is filled with straw, yarrow, handmade flowers and a crow. $39.95 plus S&H This one is filled with straw, sweet annie, handmade flowers and a crow. $39.95 plus S&H The mice are also back. The first one is 11" and his sunflower is mounted on a rusty old farm piece. He is dressed in coverlet and army blanket. $29.95 plus S&H This guy's sunflower is mounted to an old tea tin and is 9 1/2" tall. He is dressed in grubby naturals with a coverlet shawl. $24.95 plus S&H Our last little guy's sunflower is mounted to an old blue insulator and the sunflower is covered with flax. He is 7" and he is wearing a coverlet scarf. $24.95 plus S&H Hope you see something you like. Just give me a call at the shop (248/634-7040) or send me an e-mail at hollyhillsprimitives@yahoo.com Thanks a million... Until next time...

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