Thursday, April 5, 2012


Need a cupboard? We have 'em! This old primitive mustard cupboard is a personal favorite. It is 54" high, 37" wide, and 14" deep. It has great old "barn-type" hinges.

The inside has 4 shelves made from old rough-sawn lumber. $495.00-pick-up only

This handcrafted cobblestone cupboard is a beauty. It has one door, higher back with chunky pegs and two candle shelves. It would make an adorable bathroom vanity or could go anyplace in your prim home. Sorry - I don't have the measurements here. $595.90 - pick-up only

Looking for blue? This old beadboard cupboard is a sweetie! It is 33" wide, 13" deep, and 28" high.

The inside is very unusual with the two little side shelves. $395.00 - pick-up only

Another handcrafted piece is this tall "chimney-type" cupboard. Is has the greatest old screen door (holes and all) and is mustard. The height is 72", the width is 29" and the depth is 21". $295.00 - pick-up only

TA-DA! My personal favorite is this deep red gem. VERY PRIMITIVE! Double doors and many old square nails. It is 41" wide, 63" high, and 16" deep.

The inside has 4 shelves made from "rough-sawn" 14" planks. $695.00 - pick-up only

Our newest addition is this primitive, green, beadboard, one-door cupboard. Both front and back are beadboard. It is 41" tall, 26" wide and 12" deep.

Some of the shelf parts are made from old packing crates. $395.00 - pick-up only
Don't forget, Friday thru Wednesday all cupboards will be on sale in the shop. We will be closed for Easter Sunday and open this Monday and Tuesday for the sale.
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