Thursday, April 26, 2012


HOORAY, HOORAY!!! THREE big boxes arrived at the shop today from the Funky Tennessee Artist and she absolutely outdid herself this time with the best prim dolls, makedos, and pillows! This black make-do has crazy flax hair, mounted on a big bobbin with a honeysuckle wreath. She is 17" tall. $49.95 plus S&H
Great black garden make-do is mounted on an old oil can. She has a sunflower attached to the front, a halo and "old" wood wings. She is 13 1/2" tall. $39.95 plus S&H
These real stump garden make-dos are SOOOO unique. This gal is a grubby angel with wool hair, a honeysuckle halo and old wood with Memphis printed on it. She is $44.95 plus S&H
The black stump make-do is fantastic. She has angel vine hair with a crow in it's nest on her head. She is 14" tall. $44.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
The bottle dolls seem to FLY out of the shop. This one is 17" tall. $49.95 plus S&H The shelf sitter is adorable. She is 10" tall, flax hair, and her bodice is stained cheesecloth. $39.95 plus S&H
This bottle doll is 15" tall, flax hair and a mustard skirt. $49.95 plus S&H
Unusual bottle doll with a homespun skirt, feedsack shawl and satchel and is 15" tall. $49.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
Another adorable shelf-sitter. She has an antique doily for a shawl and nutmegs for her hair. She is 10" tall. $39.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
We got 7 very primitive flower pillows from 11" - 19" tall. They run from 19.95 to $24.95 plus S&H (ALL SOLD)
For those of you waiting for our covered 1/2 gallon jar canisters, we have another set available. $49.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
Looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift? This old window has "Mother's Garden" stitched and red geraniums. I really wanted to keep this one! $59.95 plus S&H (SOLD)
And last, but not least, is another handcrafted cupboard blue shelf. This one has one shelf, a small crane and chunky pegs. FANTASTIC! $149.95 pick up only (SOLD) There you have tonight's listings. Just shoot me an e-mail or give me a call at the shop. Thanks for browsing!

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