Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dick has been at it again and just brought in two new pieces to the shop. This black over red bowl rack is 29" wide, 24" tall, and 6" deep. $89.95 - pick-up only

This shelf is just beautiful! It is cobblestone over brown, has 3 pegs and a small "blanket" crane under the shelf. It is 32" long, 15" tall and 8" deep. $149.95 - pick-up only (SOLD)

Ruby's boots came in today and she is a hoot! She has red painted boots, a black umbrella with rusty bells, a black check homespun dress and flax hair. She is 30" tall and can sit or hang. $59.95 plus S&H (SOLD)

It's also time to start thinking "Americana". It won't be long until Memorial Day and summer decorating. I love this black Uncle Sam! He is prim, prim, prim. He has painted striped muslin pants, a homespun jacket, a painted hat and a flax beard.

He is holding a hand stitched banner that says, "We want you."

Uncle Sam is 25" tall and can sit or hang. $49.95 plus S&H

This little patriotic black girl is dressed in her best red, taupe and blue with some patches on her dress. She is holding a handmade flag and a tag that reads "free". she is 26" tall and can also either sit or hang. $49.95 plus S&H (SOLD)

And for tonight's last item, we have a black Miss Liberty. She is dressed in a red flannel dress with a ticking star and has a stiffened felt crown. She is also holding a handmade flag and can sit or hang. She is 23" tall. $44.95 plus S&H
Just give me a call if you are interested in any of the new goods listed.
Until next time...

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  1. Whooo hooo ~Yes~ Made in the USA!!!! Beautiful prim items!!!